It all started with the desire to build some electronic Geocaches in 2010. So what do you need for that? A lot of enthusiasm, a good idea, and a soldering iron. One of my first electronic caches was an electronic thermometer. You had to bring some ice in order to cool it down, only then you got the coordinates of the next stage.

Once you start to build such systems, you’ll notice that you might need more than just enthusiasm and a soldering iron. Meanwhile, I have learned a lot about embedded computing and I have added a few gadgets to my Arduino craft corner (see photo above).

This blog focuses on some of the difficulties I encountered and describes solutions I came up with. This may be just a twist on how to make avr-gdb usable on the Mac or a description of how to use my FlexWire library for implementing a software I2C multiplexer. In addition, I will present some of my projects to inspire you, e.g., my sunset cache box. And finally, I plan to present some tutorial series. The first one will be on debugging. All of that will mainly take place in the Arduino universe.

I finally decided to also start a Youtube channel under the same name.

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