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Replacing the Wire Library—Sometimes

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The Wire library is the one that connects your Arduino to sensors and actuators that communicate using the I2C protocol. Unfortunately, this library has a lot of shortcomings, and often you want to replace it with a different I2C library. Replacing the Wire library on a per-sketch basis turns out to be more complicated than one would expect. In this blog post, I describe an easy way to accomplish that.

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Debugging(2): It’s the Hardware, Stupid!

When something goes south, it is not always the programmer who is to blame. It could also be the hardware (resp. the electrical engineer) that might be responsible. Note, however, when you are developing your system as a hobbyist, you are both: the electrical engineer and the programmer (so you always can blame yourself). In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the things that can go wrong on the hardware side.

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